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The EDHEC Business School is full of young entrepreneurs who are looking to create new businesses, but our school also atracts hundreds of students from all over the world, called exchange students, and many of them launched their own projects. Today, we are glad to tell you more about Proceptio, an IT company that offers solutions for You. We got the opportunity to interview Domagoj, from Croatia, one of the cofounders of the service. Here is rendering of our exchange. Have a good read !

 Q&A with Domagoj Borscak

1/ Why did you decide to create?

I always had an interest in IT and technology in general. During my studies, all specialisations that I took were focused on finance. Therefore, the logical solution was to connect these two fields and found a company that represents both fields. Together with a colleague from an IT department, I’ve founded a new firm that specialises in programming of custom business intelligence and customer-relation management program solutions.


2/ Are the objectives from a few months ago the same as the ones you’re currently treating?

Yes, absolutely, but with the experience and feedback from customers, some short-term objectives are everchanging, with long-term objectives being quite stable and focused.


3/ What keeps you motivated?

Working in an efficient environment with good colleagues and state-of-the-art technology is probably one of the most important reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing. Meeting new people, experiencing different environments and constantly evolving and learning is definitely something that keeps me motivated.


4/ What are your mid and long term projects?

Mid-term project is finishing our BI and CRM solution and entering the market with something not seen before. Long-term goal is to become a leader provider of custom business intelligence solutions. Our idea is to be able to come to any firm, screen their way of doing business while making a program solution that would improve efficiency of business operation and decision-making.

5/ What did the EDHEC Business School brought you?

Although I was only an exchange student at EDHEC, my time spent on EDHEC gave me a different look at doing business and working with people from different backgrounds. This experience enabled me to better understand people which is crucial for teams consisting of people with different backgrounds. For example, presently I’m working in a team that is consisting of programmers, business school graduates and marketing graduates. Also, while living in France, I got a taste of different culture and taste of doing business in France. That experience alone provided me with the insight into understanding how people from different cultures are acting in certain situations. Furthermore, it gave me a good foundation to expand a business to different countries.


6) Any advice for wannabe entrepreneurs?

Just do it and believe in yourself! Yeah, I know it is quite cheesy, but this is one of the best advice I’ve ever heard. Don’t wait for a perfect moment, because there is none. We, humans, can always find more reasons why not to do something but quite fewer for doing it. Also, never get into business just “to make money”. It doesn’t work like that. You must be honest and passionate about it. Start-ups that are founded with only reason to be sold as soon as they start making money are usually predestined to fail. Although, keep in mind that I’m not saying that you should run business that is indefinitely unprofitable just because you are passionate about it. Listen to more experienced entrepreneurs and implement your own ideas. Find a mentor or role model and try to follow his work ethic. In the end, really important advice is to never lose your loved ones in the process of building a business. You will need their support sooner or later, especially in tough times.



A huge thanks to Domagoj for this testimony.

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